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Informatized Integrated Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Project

Case Overview

  Grid Electric’s integrated O&M project of a provincial power company has expanded its scope of operation from pure system O&M to data centers, information communication dispatch centers, customer service centers, communications and maintenance and other areas since 2010. It has successfully completed the initial provincial computer room construction and put it into operation. A provincial ICT Beijing computer room was relocated from Baiguang Road to the 4-4 computer room of the Beijing Data Center, and the “Three Intensives and Five Majors” system of information and communication support was completed. The information system adaptability adjustments at the provincial power company level were fully carried out and ERP pilots were conducted, operated and maintained. The company also investigated and rectified the large-scale outbreak of SCN loopholes in the State Grid, the loopholes in Microsoft's ONION extortion software and mining software. Moreover, the company completed the relocation of the new power company building and information and communications equipment room as well as O&M.

  Grid Electric has trained a professional O&M team. Over the past eight years, the system stability maintained by the integrated O&M team has contributed to the increasing ranking of the customer in the State Grid system. The provincial power company's informatization level has been rated as a benchmarking unit in the Northeast for many times.

Organizational Structure

  A team leader structure deeply integrated with the client's management architecture is adopted. Based on the main production departments of the client, six teams including the dispatching team, the customer service team, and the O&M team are set up to achieve seamless integration with customer management and guarantee service satisfaction.

Staff Management

  Talent incentive mechanisms, rules and regulations, and assessment methods unique to the integrated O&M team were designed and implemented to provide talents with a platform. The company formed a talent team of experts, team leaders, and employees. Employees are given a “Main and Backup” work model to encourage their creativity and pique their curiosity as well as ensuring the stability of personnel.

Technical Management

  Employees are encouraged to independently research and develop new innovations according to actual business needs of O&M. Employees who can develop products that significantly improve O&M efficiency are awarded and given priority to subsequent salary adjustments and job promotion. The current integrated O&M team has independently developed multiple sets of O&M assistance tools used in the implementation of specific operations highly recognized by the customer. Employees are also encouraged to learn new technologies and directions in the IT field. Rewards are given to those who can train other employees and explain new knowledge.

Knowledge Management

  As a large-scale organization with 150 people, the integrated O&M team has always regarded the accumulation and transfer of knowledge as an important task. For the documents in the project process, the integrated O&M team has its own VSS and SVN servers to manage the organization process assets and a dedicated quality manager is appointed to check the quality of project implementation and documents and make regular reports. Each newly recruited employee is designated a mentor. There are strict procedures for new employees to become regular employees. Reports are periodically made on issues that arise in daily work, which all managers must study collectively. Regular updates are made on important documents such as inspection templates, maintenance records, emergency plans, and operating methods.

  Since 2010, the integrated O&M project team has grown stronger, and the number of personnel has increased by nearly 10 times. The team has also won recognitions from the customers.