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Enterprise Qualification

General Certifications:
 High-Tech Enterprise;
 Software enterprise qualified for software certification and national software product registration;
 Certificated as a potential high-tech giant with high growth and great R&D capability in Shanghai;
 Part of China Torch Program for the company’s industrial program;
 Star Software Company in Shanghai (2012~2015).

Professional Qualifications Certifications
 ESCO (Energy Service Company);
 Computer Information System Integration (Level III);
 Information Technology Service Standards(ITSS) (Level III);
 CMMI-ML3 (Capacity Maturity Model Integration, Level III);
 ISO27001 (Information Security Management System);
 ISO20000 (IT Service Management System);
 ISO9001 (Quality Management System);
 Supplier Qualification Certificate;
 Patented Utility Model;