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The Fourth Meeting of the Second TITM Board of Directors/Shareholders Held in Kuala Lumpur

The fourth meeting of the second board of directors/shareholders of TROY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MALAYSIA (TITM) was held on May 16, 2018 in the third meeting room of Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Chairman Lei Li chaired the meeting.


Mr. Lu Wenbin, Chairman of Sichuan TORY Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as the Group Company), Mr. Wang Xiaowei, Vice Chairman of the Group  and Director of TITM, Mr. Lei Li, Director of the Group and TITM Chairman, Mr. Zhang Yingfu, Executive Vice President of the Group, Ms. Gu Hongbin, Chief Financial Officer of Group Company, Mr. Nasir, TITM Director and General Manager, Mr. Li Shenglei, TITM Director and Deputy General Manager, Mr. Ravindran, TITM Director, and TITM Shareholders and Senior Management Team attended the meeting

The meeting reviewed and passed the company's 2017 operating summary, annual audit report and the 2018 business plan and annual financial budget, discussed and passed the SMART Tower construction project financing plan and other issues.

Mr. Lu Wenbin, Chairman of the Group Company, affirmed TITM's business direction and development achievements in the past two years. He hoped that TITM could speed up development, complete MSC qualification certification as soon as possible, and strive to become one of the top ten ICT companies in Malaysia. Group companies will fully assist TITM in achieving business objectives in accordance with its business plan.

Mr. Lu pointed out:

·  After two years of hard work, TITM has already had a foundation for rapid development. It is hoped that TITM will seize the development opportunity of strategic cooperation with SMART and achieve significant development in terms of market, technology and management.

·  TITM needs to put more efforts in the development of high-tech and large-scale projects and continue to enhance TITM's industry position in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

·  TITM must strengthen technical exchanges and personnel exchanges with the Group Company and other subsidiaries, achieve technological complementarity and market sharing, and fully utilize the overall advantages of the Group.

·It is suggested that TITM should have a higher goal and positioning and strive to make itself a pioneer in the internationalization of the Group Company and a regional center of the Group in Southeast Asia.

Mr. Wang Xiaowei and Ms. Gu Hongbin asked about financial, project management and cost control of TITM.

Mr. Zhang Yingfu said that the Group Company has a lot of mature products in terms of the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and smart cities. The next step is to strengthen knowledge transfer and product conversion and to transport the Group Company's products to TITM to fully support TITM's development. 

Mr. Lei expressed thanks to shareholders and directors for their contribution and support to TITM development, especially the long-term support and recognition of TITM by the Group Company. The year 2018 is the year of TITM's strategic development. In accordance with the requirements of the Group Company, the company will increase its speed to promote relevant businesses to realize the leap-forward development of TITM with the support of shareholders.