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2018 Grid Electric Annual Spring Festival Awards Ceremony Were Successfully Held

Grid Electric 2018 New Year Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony was held in Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Hohhot and Xi’an from February 7 to 12, 2018.

On February 7th, the New Year Annual Ceremony of Zhengzhou was held in Baishun International Hotel. The theme of the event was “Join a Win-Win Situation and Look Forward to the Future”. All employees of Zhengzhou Sub-company enjoyed the stage performance. The employees got together to interact with one another and work together for a better future.


Zhengzhou Meeting

On February 9th, the New Year Annual Ceremony of Shanghai was held in Shanghai Lujiazui Hailong Seafood Restaurant, which featured the theme of “Integrating the World and Creating the Future”. It expressed the determination that Grid Electric, equipped with innovative technology in the new year, will become more international.


Shanghai Meeting

On February 10th, the New Year Annual Ceremony of Hohhot was held at Juhua Jiaxi Hotel. The theme of the event was “Coagulation of Hearts and Readiness to Develop”, which showed that the Northeast Department of the company has good hopes for the New Year in the Northeast Market for better development in 2018 with the persist determination.


Hohhot Meeting

On February 12th, the New Year Annual Ceremony of Xi’an perfect closed in the banquet hall of Qujiang Qinhan and Tang Wenbo Pavilion, “Forge Ahead and Make Innovations” as the theme of the event. Xi’an Sub-company follows the trend of the times, seizes opportunities, and carry out innovations while adhering to principles and maintaining solid foundation.


Xi’an Meeting

Lu Wenbin, Chairman of Sichuan TROY Information Technology Co., Ltd., Du Guangxiang, Director of Sichuan TROY Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Guangzhou State Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Yingfu, Executive Vice President of Sichuan TROY Information Technology Co., Ltd., Xi'an Jiaotong University Professor Cheng Yonghong, Secretary of Party Committee of School of Electrical Engineering, Prof. Geng Yingsan, the Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Sun Wei, General Manager of Gansu Creative Information Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Xu Ting and related client unit leaders attended the Grid Electric 2018 Spring Festival Xi’an special event. Chairman Lu Wenbin attended and delivered a speech, briefing on the development prospects of TROY’s ideas for building a big TROY system in the new year, and at the same time affirming the rapid development of Grid Electric in the past six years. He hoped that Grid Electric could make more brilliant achievements in the future. Chairman Lei attended the annual activities in Shanghai, Hohhot and Xi'an and shared with the attendees a speech titled “My 2017” and inspired all employees to actively forge ahead for a better 2018. The general manager, Li Jing, attended the annual convention activities in Zhengzhou and Xi’an.


Chairman Lu wenbin made a speech


General Manager Leili made a speech

In the annual ceremony, 4 outstanding paratroopers, 18 excellent employees, 1 excellent management team, 1 excellent project team, 2 excellent management leaders, 1 outstanding contribution award, 1 special award nomination for the chairman of the board of directors were awarded. The positive and progressive corporate culture has set an example for the progress of all staff in the upcoming year.


New Year Celebration Ceremony

The 2018 Grid Electric Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony was a full-scale event attended by a group of outstanding employees and entertainers. Their fantastic performances brought brilliant and continuous joy to the event. Shows, lucky draws, game interactions, and award presentations were held together to create an unforgettable audio-visual feast.


This series of events has enriched the leisure life of employees, provided employees with a stage for self-expression, enhanced employees’ awareness and sense of belonging, and created a healthy corporate culture atmosphere. At the same time, it wrote a good chapter for the new year.